Center for Demographic Research

at the New Economic School


Projects of the Center for Demographic Research

1. Demographic changes in Russia and in Eastern Europe

• analysis of components and determinants reduction of mortality in Russia, and other countries the former USSR and of the Eastern Europe in the 1990s-2000s;

• analysis of dynamics of population of Moscow and of shifts in demographic indicators associated with possible overestimation of size of population;

• analysis of the relationship between alcohol consumption and fertility;

• analysis of problems of the lone motherhood in Russia.

2. Biodemographic research (based on survey "Stress, aging and health in Russia")

• analysis of survival of epidemiological cohorts and construction of scales of risk factors;

• analysis of hypertension, of metabolic syndrome, wrist strength, markers of chronic inflammation, and of their age-related changes;

• analysis of heart rate variability and of Holter ECG monitoring markers;

• analysis of relationship between level of education, health indicators and physiological dysregulation;

• Comparison of aging between men and women in Russia and Denmark.

3. Russian fertility and mortality database

4. The database of selected publications of CDR researchers (in Russian)