Center for Demographic Research

at the New Economic School

About Center for Demographic Research

The Centre for Demographic Research (CDR) has begun its work since September 2011.

CDR’s mission is to raise quality of conducted in Russia population-based studies up to the international level. This includes, first of all, upgrading of methodological instruments, which shall be integrated into the Russian demography via training of a new generation of Russian demographers and researchers through high quality research conducted by them. CDR’s work is primarily aimed at synthesis and obtaining of new scientific results.

Main directions of work

1. Synthesis of new scientific results (see section "Projects" for more details)

2. Teaching:

• Fundamentals of demography for undergraduate students of NES studying for bachelor degree;

• Training courses on demography for senior students, research-degree students, lecturers and researchers whose field of professional activity is closely related to demography;

3. Public lectures, seminars and other outreach work aimed at promotion of demographic knowledge and science.